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Membership Information

Benefits for the Individual Operator
  • NERC approved Continuing Education Courses that aid in the maintenance of required certifications
  • Economical and industry relevant training
  • Participation in technical seminars
  • Bi-annual conferences
  • Professional networking

Benefits for Your Company

  • Well trained professional System Operators
  • Interaction and communication between neighboring operators that enhance the communications essential to the safe and reliable operation of interconnected electric systems
  • Best-practice and Near Miss reviews that provide System Operators with the experienced-based feedback vital to sustained oeprational improvements.

Recent Training Topics

  • Effective Communications
  • Power Plant 101
  • Protection & Control Reliability Standards
  • Emergency Operating Standards
  • Restoration
  • Voltage Control
  • Relaying
  • Critical Thinking & Situational Awareness
  • Sabotage/Physical Security

Graphics/newsun.gif (10584 bytes)Annual Dues are $30

Mail to:

Nevada Energy
Sandy Dewees MS#58
PO Box 98910
Las Vegas, NV 89151
(702) 271-8812


Regular membership is open to current and former dispatchers, power system operations coordinators, etc.   Associate membership is open to anyone else who shares a common interest in the association. 

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Southwest Area
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